2017’s Premier WordPress Plugins – Just for You

No matter what feature or function you would like for your website design, there’s likely a WordPress plugin for that. There are, in fact, probably several, and for some features and functionalities, many. The sheer number of potential candidates can, therefore, present a challenge.

You might be able to locate a plugin that will get the job done, but finding one that will do the same thing faster, quicker, and even better could be difficult. When issues like website performance or security are at stake, you should never settle for anything less than the best. This can also be true for plugins whose primary purpose is to make your work easier, or your website a bit more attractive and user-friendly.

We’ve done some digging for you, and found 9 of the best:



wpDataTables is used on more than 10,000 WordPress sites; and for good reason. First, tables created with this WordPress plugin are natively responsive. Your tables will render accurately on any device type.

Second, since all the operations are handled by a MySQL server, wpDataTable works quickly with tables having up to millions of rows of data.

Third, the tables you create can be made editable, plus it is possible to highlight (in color) cells, rows, and columns, based on their content. Editing in wpDataTables is no more difficult than editing in Excel.

There are more good reasons, of course. When you create a table, it can be used as a data source for creating one or more charts. Like the tables themselves, these charts can change in real time, they can be edited, and chart elements can be highlighted in color.

You can view the free demo and tutorial to find out more about how this plugin that can create charts and tables like no other plugin.

Content Timeline

Content Timeline

Content Timeline is a responsive WordPress plugin you can use to display any well-organized content. It is especially useful if you wish to display posts, or certain categories of information, in a timeline.

Building a timeline is simply a matter of dragging and dropping content items in accordance with how you want them to be sorted. You can edit a sequence, add to it, or delete items you no longer need.

Content placed in its own window can be edited while in that window. 12 customizable Card Layouts are provided to introduce viewers to the theme or purpose of a given timeline. Your content can consist of text, images, video, flash, or anything that might typically find itself in a block of content.

Customizable pre-made timelines come with the package to help you get started.



LayerSlider is immensely popular. While many WP themes use it, the standalone plugin is always your best buy in terms of features, functionality, and updates status. Hundreds of thousands of website designers know full well that this standalone plugin is the best possible choice.

There is seemingly no limit as to LayerSlider’s functionalities. Text animations, parallax, hover and loop transitions can be combined in all sorts of ways for the effects you desire. More advanced features like random transitions, or providing an array of values to create staggered animations, are also available. You can animate almost anything, even a whole website.

LayerSlider’s overall flexibility, and the complexity of the animations you can put to use give this plugin a certain edge over the competition. An additional feature a web designer could find useful is the capability to create a content slider that automatically updates every time a new post or article is published.

Logic Hop

Logic Hop

Now and then you come across new technology that totally changes the game – Logic Hop does exactly that for WordPress. Personalization is bleeding edge so it may take some noodling to wrap your head around and once you do… Whoa!

The basic idea: Show the right content, to the right person, at the right time. Check out Logic Hop risk-free and trust us – You’ll increase conversions and sales. Personalization is the future.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security provides much needed functionality if your website is not adequately protected against hackers. The Web Application Firewall will prevent that from happening, while Wordfence Scan and Live Traffic alerts you to any hacking attempts taking place, or if your website has been compromised.

Since this is an open-source plugin, the services it provides will cost you nothing!

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

The W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin is worth considering if you’re serious about increasing website performance and reducing page load times. You can, for example, expect up to a 10-fold increase in performance, and a corresponding decrease in load times.

This plugin is recommended by a large number of web hosts, designers, and developers, and it comes ready to use right out of the box.

Yellow Pencil

Yellow Pencil

Yellow Pencil is a visual style, frontend editing plugin for WordPress that enables you to customize a website in real-time; and in minutes. For starters, you can adjust colors, fonts, sizes, and positions.

Yellow Pencil has a ton of editing resources, including a visual animation generator, and an advance responsive tool that lets you customize your website for any screen size. No coding knowledge is required.

WooThumbs – Awesome Product Imagery

WooThumbs – Awesome Product Imagery

The key feature WooThumbs brings to the table is the flexibility it gives you in modifying a single default image display (as allowed by Woo) to produce multiple supporting images.

With WooThumbs, an image on a product page can, for example, be supplemented with multiple images, including video, and special effects. These multiple images can also be presented as stacked or sliding thumbnails or presented as a carousel, or in a horizontal or vertical slide.

Final Tiles Gallery

Final Tiles Gallery

The Final Tiles Gallery plugin is a favorite with professional photographers. You’re no longer constrained to working with identical image sizes and aspect ratios throughout your image gallery. Final Tiles Gallery’s unique grid layout system allows you to change the image size and aspect ratio of any image you choose, and present your images in your gallery as you see fit.


With one or more of these WordPress plugins, you can improve website performance, protect your website from hacking, incorporate awesome sliders and special effects, edit in real time, or create a unique gallery layout.

There’s even more, and as you go down the collection, you’ll find one great value after another. A pair of these plugins is free. The rest required purchasing, but offer free demos or trial periods.

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