Celebrate Black Friday with These Great Web Products and Services

Black Friday 2016 is here and to celebrate we’ve compiled a list of outstanding web development tools and services.

Build a great website using an easy-to-use builder plugin or get a collection of WordPress themes that you can customize to your heart’s content. Also featured are a multitude of other goodies such as icons, invoicing platforms and social media sharing buttons.

1. BeTheme.com


BeTheme is one of the top-rated WordPress themes out there and has sold over 50,000 copies on ThemeForest. Its popularity comes from the fact that you can use BeTheme on an unlimited number of projects. It’s a complete solution with all the features you need to create an outstanding website for virtually any type of business.

At your disposal, you will find 200 shortcodes and a brilliant builder that will help you customize your website with no coding skills required. BeTheme has 230 included pre-built websites that can be installed with just 1 click. Your website will look exactly like the demo – just replace the demo content with your own. After that, using the shortcodes or builder you can customize everything to fit your needs. If you need help, an outstanding support team will kindly help you.

Get the BeTheme standard license, packed with so many features, for just $59!

2. Browserling.com


Browserling is a must-have tool for every web developer. It’s the best cross-browser testing service out there. Make sure that your sites are working in the most popular browsers, such as: Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. Differences is browsers mean that your site may work and feel differently in each one of them. Therefore cross-browser testing is very important to make sure your code works exactly the same in all browsers.

Browserling is one of the most popular choices for quickly conducting cross-browser tests in Internet Explorer (on all Windows platforms), mobile browsers for Android, iOS and Windows mobile. Even Linux browsers are included. You will get a real browser with live interaction in less than 5 seconds. It all runs quickly and smoothly. The Browserling team makes sure that the latest browsers always get installed as they come out, so you don’t have to maintain your own installations of browsers and virtual machines. Browserling’s browser compatibility service includes a screenshots feature that lets you save, edit and share browser screenshots. You’ll also get resolution changing for responsive testing, mobile testing and local testing for local application development.

There is a free plan available to try the service in 3 minute sessions. The developer and team plans include unlimited time usage and unlock all features. Today, for Black Friday, they are offering 33% off their premium plans, using the BFLING2016 coupon. Don’t miss this amazing discount!

3. OptinMonster.com


More than 70% of the visitors that are walking away from your website will never return. Here is where OptinMonster comes into play. Using this awesome form builder, you will convert your abandoning visitors into customers and subscribers. It’s a great way to grow your email list. This builder is easy and enjoyable to use and there is no need for any coding skills or previous experience.

OptinMonster is a standalone application that integrates with all web platforms – including WordPress. Just create an account and start building beautiful, highly-converting forms. There are various types of forms that can be built and it can be delivered at the perfect moment and place.

Their first plan starts at just $9/month, billed annually. There are a lot of useful features to check out on their website. Give it a try!

4. Snapito.com


Snapito is the right choice for taking free, high-quality web page screenshots. You can easily modify and enhance these images before downloading. It’s one of the fastest solutions available, as there is no need to install a browser extension or sign up for a service. Follow the 3 easy steps: Enter the website address, hit Snap and download the image. Before downloading, you can use their built-in editor to enhance your image.

Snapito supports a simple copy/paste integration using their standard URL-based API and in the first part of 2017, they will launch LIVE API Services.

If you are looking for the best available solution for automated web page screenshots, use ShrinkTheWeb (from the same people behind Snapito). Give it a try!

5. Themify.me


Themify have launched the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals – never seen before. Get a 50% discount, using the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY and you will have access to all their WordPress themes, plugins and Club Memberships (excluding the Lifetime Master Club).

Using the coupon code BLACKFRIDAYLIFE, you will receive a $150 discount, lowering the price to just $249 for the Lifetime Master Club. This will get you lifetime access to all of their products, updates, PSD files and support. Themify is also giving away 10 Master Club memberships.

All of these special offers are available from now until Cyber Monday on November 28, 2016. Don’t miss out on these great deals!

6. uCoz.com


uCoz is the all-in-one solution for anyone who wants to create a unique online presence. Included are hosting, eCommerce, SEO, statistics, blogging tools, RSS feed import/export, full access to HTML, CSS, and other files. Whether a novice or a pro, you’ll find much to like with uCoz. Choose one of their responsive templates and get started for free!

7. uKit.com


uKit offers a set of powerful tools to create your own website, including: over 250 mobile-friendly designs, hosting, domains, eCommerce options, robust SEO, a nifty Promotion feature, blogging opportunities, analytics and more. It has never been easier for a non-tech-savvy person to get online. Create your digital home today! It’s fast, easy and free.

8. Simbla.com


Simbla website builder is a modern, clean, drag-and-drop DIY website builder with the singular aim of making website creation simple, quick and fun. They deliver outstanding results. And, unlike some other website builders, Simbla is offering a free package (not a trial period). Get your new website today!

9. actiTIME.com


actiTIME is flexible time tracking software that can fit any company’s requirements. There are more than 9,000 happy customers worldwide who have increased their teams’ performance, lowered expenses and grown their business with actiTIME.

10. Colorlib.com


Whenever you need a free or premium WordPress theme at a reasonable price, you’ll want to check out Colorlib. They have a number of beautiful themes and excellent support. They even wrote a complete guide to starting a WordPress website. Give them a visit today!

11. Simunity.net


Simunity icon maker is a place where you can find lots of outstanding free tools, such as a beautiful icon generator, free responsive HTML templates, free images and a logo maker. It’s a complete package of useful things for any web developer or designer. Try Simunity!

12. uSocial.pro


uSocial offers a set of tools to integrate your website with social networks: Like and Share button sets, a META data markup builder and a customizable invitation to social media communities. After registration with uSocial, you will receive access to the share and like statistics dashboard as well an opportunity to create as many button sets as you like. Each set will be saved and available for editing.

13. wpDataTables.com


Don’t spend precious time manually creating charts and tables when wpDataTables, an excellent WordPress plugin, will help you create these items in mere minutes. There are lots of features at your disposal, along with tutorials and videos to guide you. Check the wpDataTables website and see what it can do for you!

14. TheSquid.Ink


Icons are part of our beautiful life and TheSquid.Ink is here with amazing offers. They have handcrafted line icons that look awesome. There are 2 packages to choose from. One is free and offers 50 icons. The second one is very popular and provides you with 2,000 icons for just $45. These icons can be used in an unlimited number of projects. Improve your projects with these outstanding icons!

15. Xfive.co


The team behind Xfive has great experience in web development projects. They deliver great results because they care about your business and project. They’ll treat your business needs as if they were their own. Contact them and get started with your project!

16. InvoiceNinja.com


Clients routinely interact with your invoices – so you’d better make sure they look great and are easy-to-read. InvoiceNinja is the leading complete invoicing platform and has all the features you’ll need. Sign up for their free plan!

Get Shopping

Having great features, functionality and support, these 16 web solutions will help you take the next step in your career, project and company. Check them out and find out how they can save you both time and money.

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